Naturezone Health Tackle Mid-Season Bugs And Lurgies

Tuesday 24 September 2013, 5:33PM
By Pure SEO

Spring may be officially here, but the wet and cold winter continues, with more outbreaks of cold and flu occurring in the workplace where large numbers of people are off work and, of course, at school with kids bringing home more versions of the flu. Luckily, Naturezone Health are here to help with a broad range of carefully selected world class natural health products. In particular, for winter ills and chills they recommend their Dr Mercola Liposomal Vitamin C. When Vitamin C is delivered in liposomal form (also known as Lypospheric) the bio-availability of the Vitamin C is significantly enhanced and stomach sensitivity is not an issue. Dr Mercola’s Liposomal Vitamin C uses Lecithin from sunflower oil instead of soy, and contains the Ascorbic Acid form of Vitamin C. Nearly all mammals make their own Vitamin C by converting glucose into Ascorbic Acid, but humans do not have this ability and must rely on dietary sources for their Vitamin C. Dr Mercola’s Liposomal Vitamin C is supplied in hermetically sealed capsules. The potential for oxidation is further reduced by flushing the liquid formulation with nitrogen during the encapsulation process. Purchase two or more bottles of Dr Mercola’s Liposomal Vitamin C and save $3 on every bottle.

Naturezone Health are also proud to be New Zealand’s sole distributors for the Strauss Herb Company, amongst many others. Strauss E Z Breathe Drops are a unique herbal formulation which support and promote healthy lungs and breathing and help clear congestion associated with respiratory infections and disorders. Strauss’s synergistic blend of herbs for the E Z Breathe drops includes yerba santa leaf (helps with all types of chest and respiratory conditions, including coughs, colds, asthma, hay fever and chronic bronchitis), garlic (helps with upper respiratory tract infections) and fenugreek seed (helps with chronic cough, dropsy, and bronchitis). Strauss E Z Breathe drops contain 22 selected complementing herbal ingredients for maximum efficacy and safety. Some of the herbs have similar action or intent to provide a broader spectrum of efficacy on a greater number of people. Other herbs are included to provide synergy. Liquid extracts are the most bio available and concentrated form of our herbal formulas and can be absorbed by the body in minutes, even if your digestive system is compromised. Being more concentrated, doses are much smaller and more convenient.

So, for those who are still struggling with end of winter ills, it would be well advised to visit the website at