Milestone Homes Testimonials Proof Of Client Satisfaction

Friday 27 September 2013, 11:46AM
By Pure SEO

Milestone Homes is the simple, smart and achievable way to build a quality home – the smart home builders who can make home building dreams a reality.
When building a home, it is important to know you have the support of the right people in the industry and Milestone Homes are backed by a Master Build guarantee. This means that all their new homes have been constructed from the best materials available and have quality workmanship behind them. The Registered Master Builders Federation represents New Zealand’s premier building and construction companies, who pride themselves on delivering the highest quality houses and buildings.

There is no better advertisement for a business and its services than the ‘testimonials’ page on their website, and the testimonies from the very satisfied customers of Milestone Homes are no exception to this rule.  Peter of Nelson states “I would like to thank you for all the great work you put in to build my new home at Stoke at the end of last year. I now have a four-bedroom home which I couldn’t be happier with, and all for a price which couldn’t be beaten by another Nelson building company. I’m very thankful Milestone Homes helped me come up with the best solution for my personal situation”.

Milestone Homes’ simple and smart proven house plans are created by our handpicked team of designers, who craft each new home using the latest colour trends and styles. This team caters to every taste, ranging from small, classic house designs to larger contemporary-style homes. They have thought of everything, from the layout and structure, through to the finish. All their clients need to do is to choose the Milestone home which is the one for them and then choose the colour scheme!

There can be no doubt that Milestone Homes are exceptional value for money. Their standardised house designs and optimised measurements mean they can secure great rates from their supply partners and tradespeople, which they then pass on to their customers. Another important advantage to using Milestone is that they fully support the principles of future-proof building, for healthy homes that are better to live in today, and will definitely be worth more in the future. All their homes include insulation, double-glazing and energy efficient lighting and are designed with sensible space management in mind for maximum comfort.

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