Who can 'surge' the perfect pint

Monday 14 October 2013, 12:29PM
By The PR Shop

Good things come to those who wait - that’s why when it comes to pouring a pint of Guinness, it takes a few minutes of patience until it’s ready to drink.  To protect this pouring ritual and ensure the ‘dark stuff’ is served exactly as it should be for years to come, Guinness is launching a nationwide competition to find its 2013 Guinness Pint Master – now in its 5th year with growing notoriety.

Guinness will hunt the nation for those bartenders who live and breathe the two-part pour, surge and friendly service that make drinking Guinness such an exquisite experience.

This year, you can play a role in who gets crowned the 2013 New Zealand Pint Master.  Simply visit participating pubs across New Zealand from 27 September and order a pint of Guinness. Grab the scorecard your bartender hands you and rate your Guinness experience.

Finalists will be selected to compete in four regional finals and the cream of the crop will make it through to the national finals in November 2013.

Wondering what it takes to pour the perfect pint? It’s a precise art that runs like so:

The Glass

  • The perfect pint starts with a perfectly clean, tulip shaped glass.


The Pour

  • With the glass on an angle of 45°, allow the Guinness to cascade down the glass.  Slowly straighten the glass with a continuous pour until ¾ full.


The Surge

  • Allow the surge to fully settle for a minute or two before completing the pour.


The Finish

  • The pour is completed with a smooth creamy head forming above the rim of the glass.


The Moment

  • Pint presented without spillage and with the Guinness logo proudly displayed to the front.

Aidan Collins, Brand Manager at Guinness, says: “Pouring a pint of Guinness takes a special skill and it’s important we recognise the people behind the talent.

“Even though we’re not in Ireland, we believe New Zealanders should experience a well-poured pint that tastes great!  Over the coming months, we’ll be touring the country to find those bartenders who’ve perfected the art.”

Check the Guinness New Zealand Facebook page for terms, conditions and more information: