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Lying Politicians

Tuesday 22 October 2013, 9:22AM
By J. James

When Mayor Len brown cheated on his wife – he lied to her – his most intimate partner – when John banks accepted donations from Kim dot com but made them anonymous he lied  - when John key said he knew nothing of the raids on Kim dot com’s house he lied   Lying it seems is the default – I was going to say new normal but while it is has become accepted as normal its not new.

Once upon a time in the kingdom of deception it was agreed by everyone that to hold a title of high office was to have high integrity and good moral fibre.  The people who ran for high office were considered  – because of the above – beyond reproach – they were people the citizens of the kingdom of deception could trust

Yeah right tui

that was once upon a time – now in the land of deception the curtain of illusion is wearing thin – so thin that citizens are starting to see through it – and what do they see – liars – well verst and credible liars holding positions of power – but wait – lets rephrase that – what we see is people in high office abusing the trust and the power invested in them by the people -  the illusion of respectability an abuse of power and privilege

When John Keys called Banks  a ''good, hardworking, diligent and reliable'' a ''credible'' and ''trustworthy'' individual.”  He was not speaking in the language that you and I speak – he was speaking a different language to a different world populated by people other than you and I - people with eyes to see and ears to here - people whose vested interests demand a different language that only they can hear

In that world presidents that start terrorist wars get peace prizes – ministers who lie cheat and create deception are acknowledged as ‘trust worthy’ because they are ‘yes’ men – men who follow orders no matter how morally wrong, no matter how out of integrity – no matter that they betray the people – Yes men are yes sir men – the will lie they will betray and they will deceive with a steadfast devotion to their orders – they are dangerous men and they betray the citizens of a nation while smiling at them asking for their trust.

John banks lied – Len brown cheated, John key’s lied and continues to do so – end of story

Either we as citizen accept this or we don’t  - if we accept it we continue on knowing that there is no trust left and that they will lie again and betray our trust is 100% a given or we bring them to account – and create a system where being a trustworthy and reliable liar - a yes man is no longer acceptable  

This sort of abuse has become the norm – however the mentality that allows it without consequence and tries to justify it is fast becoming unacceptable to a growing public who if they lied with such proficiency and consistency would be out of a job and out of friends eventually

In the  US when Marianne Williamson  decided to run for congress – in her speech she summed up this culture of liars when she said

“……..The biggest threat to our country today is not from armies invading our shores. The biggest threat to our democracy is not bombs falling from the sky over an American city. …..No, our biggest threat is a pattern of a thousand cuts – the slow but now constant chipping away at our democratic freedoms—one capitulation to moneyed interests at a time, one new gerrymandered district at a time, one government surveillance program at a time, one limiting of our voting rights at a time, one intimidation of journalists at a time, one Patriot Act at a time, one National Defense Authorization Act at a time, one Trans Pacific Partnership so-called trade deal limiting our sovereignty at a time. So at what point— after how many moments when Kiwi’s/Americans mutter to ourselves “Ya gotta be kidding me!”—do we stand up to our own government and say, “Hey, guys! Whose side are you on??….”

The same question has to be asked of those who are now abusing the power invested in them by ‘we’ the people  - its time

Pensioner Graham McCready thought it was time – especially after the police refused to act due to insufficient evidence on their old ministesr of police, buddy John Banks

When are those in positions of power and influence going to step up and  bring to account the liars and betrayers of this deceptive culture - its time

When are the Main stream media going to begin accurately  investigating and challenging the liars the deceptions’ and the betrayers of those in offices of high power rather than continue the lies  and be party to the deception, betraying the people of Aotearoa with their propaganda pieces allowing the lies and deceit to go unchallenged

We are living in a time of great opportunity for change – and yet those in high office are abusing the power invested in them by the people – curtailing freedoms at every turn – jeopardising the prosperity of this land and its people at every juncture – but most of all they feed off the trust and the innocence – which some would call plain ignorant naivety - while serving an agenda that has no benefit whatsoever for this nation and its people

when is it time …..?

This is a challenge to all those in positions of power and influence to step up and take back the privileges invested in you – to the lawyers, to ministers of police to the police – to the human rights commission to the children’s commission to the solicitor general to all of you and more -  step up - because it has become obvious that the ordinary person in the street as no power and no voice to effect the changes that are now becoming increasingly visible through the curtain of illusion that some call politics

it is also time to realise that all of you who are in positions of power and influence are simply just people like the rest of us – you are not beyond the reach of law nor are you so privileged you will be protected by the environmental and ecological imbalances that are occurring in our nation and in the world by the choices being made by people like yourselves

in the immortal words of one of the greatest liars and betrayers of his country ever – " if you are not with us you are with the terrorists .." – and its becoming increasingly clear who they are

In today’s world in this country the ‘terrorists’ are the militarized police who descended upon the Tuhoe nation – they are the police who stand in protection of those who wish to destroy our environment and up set the ecological balance of our earth with their mining and their fracking and their drilling – today’s terrorist is the state upholding the right of the corporation

today’s terrorist is the lying deceptive politician who enables the betrayal of the people and the nation for a corporate agenda – end of story