EXCLUSIVE: Taranaki Daily News losing "lots" of jobs - just in

Tuesday 22 October 2013, 5:43PM
By NP Linked Taranaki


BREAKING NEWS: FIRST @ INFONEWS.CO.NZ: All paperboys working for the Taranaki Daily News will be fired before November 30 can confirm.

Taranaki is the last regional newspaper company working with Fairfax to move to contractors. 

"The bosses are wanting to make a bigger profit" a paperboy for the Taranaki Daily News told us. 

The call center for the Taranaki Daily News will be moved overseas to the Philippines next year. 

The paperboy who spilt the news to us said that its not fair. 

"It really isn't fear that we are being treated like this. They need to pull themselves together. Someone needs to stand up and confirm it properly." he said. 

The news broke shortly after 5pm today by a staff member of the Taranaki Daily News who was also being fired before November 30, and that that member of staff's job was a confirmed loss.

There has been ongoing speculation for around six months, but no confirmed news from the regional newspaper, even after the newspaper company made all North Taranaki Mid Week deliverers redundant. 

More soon..