Halloween video (by kids for kids) encourages safety first

Tuesday 29 October 2013, 2:49PM
By New Zealand Police

Police are encouraging parents, caregivers and children to celebrate
Halloween safely by following some simple safety tips.

To help get the message out there police has this year produced an online
video starring a group of Wellington children that features simple ideas
children can follow in order to stay safe while still having plenty of
Halloween fun.

Tips in the Halloween video include always going trick or treating with an
adult, staying in areas that are well lit, only visiting houses where you
know the residents, and being careful not to scare elderly people.

National Prevention Manager Superintendent Bruce Bird says, “Kids are more
likely to listen to their peers. It’s great to see kids taking our
prevention advice onboard and sharing it in their own way.”

And remember, householders don’t have to respond to knocks on the door on
Halloween. If there are any problems or incidents outside your house and you
are concerned you can ring police for advice or assistance.

You can also download and print a copy of the Trick or Treater posters from
the Police website to display on a window or front door of your home, either
‘Trick or Treaters Welcome’ or ‘No Trick or Treaters Please’.

Download posters and read more Halloween safety tips [1] here.

">To view the video click here


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