8 great reasons to choose Wordpress

Wednesday 13 November 2013, 8:47AM
By Forge Media

Why use WordPress as your top choice for CMS powered websites? Well frankly, it should be fairly obvious if you've seen WordPress from the inside, but in case not, here's my top 8 reasons you should choose WordPress as your CMS of choice:

1. WordPress is a piece of cake to manage. Its user interface is one of the easiest and most intuitive I have ever seen, and I've seen a few!
2. It's easily customisable. The code be be accessed either internally or via FTP and you can customise its functions if you know how to write the code. You have the right to do with it what you want. Any time.
3. It's secure. Use any of the several security features available for it (and we use WordFence) then it becomes a veritable stronghold where every little change is monitored and reported on. Not too far different than running a firewall or anti-virus on your computer, so do you also need something on your website. WordFence (our recommended strong-box) is FREE.
4. WordPress has 100% flexible design, thousands of themes to choose from, many of which are customisable.
5. It's easily extendible. If there's a function you need it to do, chances are there's already some plugin or widget available for it that does the job.
6. WordPress is optimised for mobile screens too. It's now standard function in many WordPress themes. Included, FREE.
7. WordPress is incredibly SEO friendly. Add some powerful SEO tools to it and you've got a website that can really get you places (I mean in Google ranking terms!)
8. WordPress is highly supported. There are literally thousands of developers working on WordPress features every day. If you had a problem with your website, you're not stuck with asking a single company for help at $200 an hour, you can usually get great WordPress tech support FREE.

Actually, I only stopped at 8 reasons because I wanted to keep it fairly brief. There are actually more reasons why you should choose WordPress. Talk to us about why.