Say it with Stella

Friday 15 November 2013, 1:41PM

By The PR Shop


Stella 750ml Christmas
Stella 750ml Christmas Credit: The PR Shop

Christmas is a time for giving and sharing – and what better way to spend time with family and friends this Christmas, than by sharing a cold bottle of Stella Artois.

Stella is the original Christmas beer, first brewed as a holiday gift in Belgium more than 600 years ago. To this day, a cold glass of Stella Artois is still an utterly perfect way to celebrate the festive season. Kiwis are in even more luck than the Belgians, because there’s no better time to enjoy a cold Christmas beer than on a hot summer’s day.

In the spirit of Christmas, Stella is releasing a limited edition 750ml bottle for the holiday period – the perfect size to share with a friend, or as a gift for a special person.

The most rewarding part of Christmas is giving something special to those we love, and seeing their faces light up. Give a Stella gift this Christmas.

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Stella Artois®:

Stella Artois® is part of a Belgian brewing tradition dating back to 1366. It is the number one Belgian beer in the world and is present in over 80 countries. Stella Artois® is a bottom filtered, blonde pilsner.  It is thirst quenching with a malty middle and crisp finish delivering a full flavour and a hint of bitterness.  Stella Artois® is best enjoyed served between 3 and 5 degree Celsius and in the unique. Stella Artois® Chalice Glass to guarantee a perfect experience of this gold standard lager.