G20 role vindicates trans-Tasman work

Monday 2 December 2013, 1:31PM
By Business NZ

Being part of next year’s G20 deliberations is a result of the strong Australia-New Zealand partnership, says BusinessNZ.

Commenting on Australia’s decision to invite New Zealand’s participation at the 2014 meetings of the world’s largest economies, BusinessNZ Chief Executive Phil O’Reilly said it follows sustained work integrating the Australian and New Zealand economies.

Last week’s Australia New Zealand Leadership Forum facilitated by BusinessNZ was an example of that work, Mr O’Reilly said.    

“New Zealand and Australian businesses are going beyond CER and focusing on how together we can do business in Asian and wider international markets.

“New Zealand’s commitment to free trade, good economic management and good neighbour policies form the background to Australia’s decision to co-opt New Zealand into next year’s G20 programme.

“Being able to contribute to G20 decisions at this forum is evidence of our sound trans-Tasman relationship and a welcome opportunity to go further in contributing to international economic policy.

“Our thanks are due to the Australian government and business community,” Mr O’Reilly said.