Ex Mayor of Whanganui and Ex Radio LIVE presenter Michael Laws under pressure after words made about disabilities: 'You're a retard.'

Tuesday 10 December 2013, 1:52PM
By NP Linked Taranaki

"You're a retard." were the words that came from Ex Mayor of Whanganui and also Ex Media Works Radio Presenter Michael Law to a parent supporting children with disabilities yesterday. 

The conversation was shared with horrific content from Keith Maynard on social networking site Facebook  (click link for original messages) showing the messages from the New Zealand politician, broadcaster and writer/columnist' Michael Laws.

The conversation was about Michael Laws saying if your child is disabled the parents should have an abortion, while Keith Maynard says that's not the case.

Parts of the message, in this article state from Michael Laws that the supporter of no abortions Keith Maynard is a retard and not a normal parent if they don't. 

The comments from Michael Laws has him in lots of trouble from the public, comments on the shared post over Facebook are slamming him for being a complete knob.

"Lost for words- interesting how he failed to read and comprehend what you were saying. It's almost like he was trying to bait you and get you to react. He comes across as a complete TWAT! I really hope this make the news. Who does he think he is? And when he talks about "and I intend the expectant parents keep having the choice to abort them and that choice be Now PROMOTED to them." The use of the word PROMOTED does not imply informed consent about the choice either way. And his comment "If we can eradicate it, we should.".... honestly? Wouldn't we be better off ERADICATING transferable diseases etc? Gobsmacked- I hope more people hear about this." Comments Donna Beck.

Monika Walsh agrees with Keith by commenting "I would not ever abort that child! Never ever!" 

"Michael Laws might want to reconsider saying others have a 'serious disability'.... especially when they are more successful than him. The only disability is a bad attitude." states annoyed Joy Rod.

The messages are currently being sent to the Whanganui District Health Board, Campbell LIVE and 3News. 

The messaging is below: or for the full messaging click here

Michael Laws messages
Like most people I'd automatically abort a DS foetus. Commonsense.

Keith Maynard replys
You would choose to abort based upon what ? Your fears ? Your expectations ?
Sadly there is much scaremongering and ignorance which still prevails within the medical profession who, as I alluded to earlier do not have any real life experience when it comes to raising a child with down syndrome. Most of the mothers that do choose to abort do so on the recommendation of their health provider.
I would agree that some people would not be able to parent a child with Down syndrome, but most could very easily. I noted in your thread that you consider Down syndrome a severe disability. the reality is very far removed from your opinion. I also noted that you called them "sufferers" which is also very far from the truth. People with Down syndrome only suffer due to the ignorance of other people. They are generally very happy and enjoy life to the fullest.
But this is beside the point that I would wish to make. Parents that receive a prenatal diagnosis of Down Syndrome should be given access to full and unbiased information so that they are able to make an informed decision. A decision which is not based upon the alarmist and most often times, ignorant advice given by a so called health professional. Should they then still wish to abort for whatever reasons then it is purely and simply their choice to make.
Advocating for fair and reasonable information for expectant parents can surely not place me in the 'extremist" camp, but rather, among the ranks of a rational caring human being.

Michael Laws replys
Let's be honest shall we: you lot had the really bad luck to have a Downs child.
For some twisted reason, because you've drawn the short straw, you think others should share your fate. Sorry, but the rest of us don't want to have severely disabled kids: couldn't think of anything worse. We choose and would choose to abort such ... and fascists like you want that test and choice denied.


Michael Laws
You're a liar: I've read the official policy of your group.
And I don't see Downs as anything other than a serious disability that is best avoided.

Keith Maynard
what group ? Saving Downs ? I follow them on Facebook I am not involved with them at any level. I am not very popular with them as I advocate for informed personal choice as I am doing with you.

Michael Laws
Downs is a bad thing: its a serious disability. If we can eradicate it, we should.

Keith Maynard
Mr Laws your whole stand on this does seem very reminiscent of 1930's Germany. We all know how well respected the Fuhrer is now. But you accuse me of being a fascist ? Ignorance is a far greater disability than Down Syndrome, and you Sir, are very obviously ignorant in this matter.

Michael Laws
You're a complete retard raising Nazi Germany: normal parents don't want Downs kids and I intend the expectant parents keep having the choice to abort them and that choice be Now promoted to them.

Keith Maynard
Oh Dear, dropping the "R" bomb. sorry its not going to get a raise from me. It does however show just how uninformed and ignorant.
Good luck with your master race plan. I'm sure that history will reveal you for what you really are. Seriously Mr Laws you need professional help.

Michael Laws
You're a retard.



What do you think about Michael Laws actions, do you agree with Keith or Michael? Would you abort your child if you realised he/she had a minor disabillity? 

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