'massive cloud of smoke', Medical Centre fire - residents

Wednesday 8 January 2014, 7:53AM
By NP Linked Taranaki


LATEST: A large scale fire emergency was alarmed in New Plymouth again this morning for the second time this week. 

Four fire trucks and police were sent to Care First on Tukapa St in Westown about 6:30am.

Station officer Keith Murphy said a resident of New Plymouth had seen smoke pouring from the side of the pharmacy and dialed 111.

"Once we got inside and on to the roof we discovered a well involved fire in the ceiling space."

Mr Murphy fire crews wearing breathing apparatus and used high pressure hoses to extinguish the flames and used fans to ventilate the building.

When the fire service arrived they created a road block between David St and Price St.

Nearby homes were alerted and some were reportedly evacuated. sent a reporter to the scene who spoke with one local who lives on Clawton St. 

He said he was walking his dog at around 6.40am past the back entrance of the medical centre when he saw a massive cloud of smoke. 

He had to walk through the smoke with his hands over his mouth.

Our reporter saw firefighters standing on top of the building confirming it was a ceiling fire. 

The fire service left the scene at 8.30am.