Wendys NZ could be coming to New Plymouth

Thursday 16 January 2014, 3:35PM
By NP Linked Taranaki


A year, and tens of thousands of complaints later New Plymouth could be getting a Wendys store, finally. 

Wendys New Zealand on the 17th of December 2013 asked their Facebook likers where Wendys should go next? "2014 is the year for new stores" 

New Plymouth came in on top with the large majority of the comments being from Taranaki residents.

Today Wendys NZ posted a photo of New Plymouth City and the Wendy's logo posting: "New Plymouth seems to be our hot spot for "Where do you want the next Wendy's?". Make some noise if you want a Wendy's New Plymouth!!" 

Some comments from New Plymouth residents ask Centre City Shopping Centre based in the city to 'make some room' for Wendys. 

Josh Mundt commented "Yes get a Wendy's in New Plymouth!!!!!!!!!!!" Lisa Hori comments "That b bloody awesome if u do go to NP big 10 votes from me" reporters from New Plymouth contacted Wendys this afternoon and they told us "We will have a restaurant there as soon as we can. it's not somewhere we want to miss out on. Hang tight New Plymouth."

"We're just waiting for the final tick from our site which will probably be based in the city. We're so close and we're just getting to the last signatures from the top." Wendys said. 

"New Plymouth will be the place to be very soon" they ended. 

A representative for Wendys who spoke with us told us that they love New Plymouth's enthusiasm.