the true nature of human beings the true nature of human beings CREDIT: the resurrection awakens the true nature of human beings

The resurrection

Monday 21 April 2014, 9:38AM
By J. James

The resurrection of Christ consciousness

As the world awakens on this day the celebration of life is in the air – Easter the Christian tradition celebrating the death and resurrection of a spiritual son of god nurtures within us all – whether we are religious minded or not  - a feeling that takes us away from the mundane the ordinary  frenetic 9-5  craziness and drama of the world - it is at least a holiday

The sacrifice of our lives given over to a system that requires everyone to pay to exist – its mantra of constant growth - crucifies the many for the benefit of a few

This powerful force has put to death many who sought to shine a light in this world – it cut short their lives and silenced their light – only to ignite a fire – a fire so bright it can never die – as one light recedes in the darkens the resurrection shows us that many lights flicker into existence to take its place – this is an unstoppable truth

In this way a new dawn is coming into the darkness of the world – it may not yet know it – it may scoff at the mere mention of it – but every where one looks with eyes opened by the tyranny of a system - one can see that there is need for change - this in itself is a powerful shifting and in this one can also feel a light emerging within hearts that once where closed

Where once was anger now rises compassion – where once was hate now rises forgiveness – where once was greed now rises sharing - where once was fear now rises love – this is the true meaning of resurrection and it is happing globally daily

The 21st  century meaning of the resurrection of Christ – is not that of the church celebrating one man  - this is the same system that denied the truth and light of Christ  in the first place – and then sought to capture it and mediate between it and the people when they realized they could never extinguish his truth no matter how it was distorted and sold back to the citizens

The true 21st century meaning of the resurrection is that which lives in the hearts of every single individual on this planet – LOVE  - and it is rising in awareness and being demonstrated in the world simply because the tyranny which informs mans inhumanity to man has become to present to ignore

The force that put the Christ on the cross in the first place was political – and the political arose from the separation of state from church – two fundamentally entwined institutions – that still exist today – albeit heavily disguised to most

What 'normalacy' many  have called an ‘insidious’ evil pervading this earth has given rise to such brutality and indifference that it has sacrificed the whole of earth to its agenda and in this the true crucifixion and symbology of the death of Christ can be seen – the cross is that carried by all of us to this system "we each have our cross to bear"

Thus a true resurrection is the awakening and the rising up from the death like obedience to this system of belief  -  to rise up against the mundane - the corrupted - the tyranny of a system of beliefs – by opening hearts and finding the truth that the Christ being symbolized  - by shinning a light so bright in this world that  it refuses to be dimmed by a system hell bent on devouring everything that stands in its way

The resurrection shines not only a light on a tyrannical system but also re connects us all to a world that is home to all life - it re connects us to the beauty of what the creator gifted all living things when she breathed the breath of life that brought us all to life

The resurrection is when each individual wakes up to the beauty and mystery of life in themselves, in each other and the world

A true resurrection of humanity would be the rise of Christ/love consciousness not the return of one individual but the awaking and rising from the dead of a corrupted tyrannical system of a critical mass of individuals – brining the truth of the light/love/life  into the world – compassion – co-operation based in love for all life just as the creator created it to be