Mobile Forms Boost Business Productivity

Tuesday 27 May 2014, 7:42AM
By MobileAppFx

Paperless Mobile Forms are the way forward for businesses small and large, they connect your staff with back-end workflows and data consolidation to boost business productivity and dramatically reducing the cost of business.

FlexiForms “Do it for you” Mobile Forms are built up by our talented staff who often are able to suggest improvements to your existing forms. We develop your paper form into a mobile version which appears in our FlexiForms mobile app. Our app is available for iPhone, iPad, Android and HTML5. Simply download the app appropriate for your device and begin seeing the time and cost savings of a Mobile Form.

Is this just a PDF form?
Many businesses have found the ability to create digital forms embedded into PDF documents while this is a great way to begin your mobilisation journey, just imagine all of the real world data you could be missing out on! FlexiForms can add a whole new dimension to the data collected by incorporating native app features such as the Global Positioning System, Camera and Microphone.

With the ability to tag your forms automatically with your current position your clients can be assured that a site visit was actually completed. Have you heard of some industries who charge for regular site inspections but never visit the actual address?

Capture Photo’s and Video’s all within the easy to use mobile form saves time by eliminating the need to carry a digital camera then organise all the shots taken once back at the office to determine what they are and where they were taken. All this information is embedded into your form providing a single place to capture data.

What about data security?
This is a great topic which we take very seriously! All your data is transmitted securely using 256bit encryption protocols immune to the recent Heartbleed bug. This means your data is your data and no one else can view it.

The FlexiForms mobile apps are securely hosted on modern cloud computing platforms and distributed through the iTunes and Google Play App stores.

How does my company get involved with Mobile Forms?
Give us a call on 09 392 2293 or email us on and we can discuss the particular requirement of your business to ensure you get the most benefit from using Mobile Forms in your organisation. Create your account on