5 Ways to Save an INCREDIBLE Amount of Time and Money...

Friday 30 May 2014, 12:17PM
By MobileAppFx

Going Paperless using mobile apps is going to give any business a huge return on their investment, their field and office based teams are going to become more efficient and who is going to complain about that?

  1. Reduce mileage back and forth from the office to deliver and collect paper
  2. Major decrease in data-entry errors – We all have someone in our team who has poor handwriting, and the admin staff spend hours deciphering it.
  3. Perform more billable work! With the time saved your team can do more of the jobs which can appear on the invoices you send.
  4. Improve accuracy with data be collected immediately on-site you are no longer relying on staff to remember all the details mentally to later enter into your systems
  5. Save on physical costs, reduced use of paper and printer consumables

All of the paper sheets your business uses on a daily basis are now seen as inefficient and open to huge errors. So why should you embrace change and steer your business to go paperless? It’s simple really, saving time, money and streamline. Your staff will love you for it making their jobs easier and making your business more profitable.

What makes FlexiForms better than paper or PDF?

  • We are Mobile based! Available on Apple and Android devices
  • Use awesome technology to enhance your forms such as the Camera, GPS and microphone
  • It’s Risk Free! - We know how amazing FlexiForms is so if we cannot make your business run more efficiently within 3 months simply by using FlexiForms we will return your money, no questions asked.

What are the steps required to progress into a paperless world?

FlexiForms make this incredibly easy!

  1. Decide on what forms you want to go Paperless with.
  2. Send these to us, we will do all the grunt work to digitalise the forms removing the paper.
  3. Download the FlexiForms mobile app from iTunes or Google Play.
  4. Login with the username we send you.
  5. Done! Start using your new FlexiForms and enjoy the new found efficiency!

Head over to FlexiForms now to join now to maximise your bottom line and lead the way with technology.