Life After Loyalty Cards

Wednesday 11 June 2014, 12:21PM
By Touchpoint Group

How many loyalty cards do you have in your wallet? And how many have you used in the last four weeks? We thought so.

Consumers wallets are bulging with loyalty cards yet only a few are used on a regular basis. Consumers no longer have the time or the energy to be loyal, and if they do are starting to question the value of the rewards they are receiving.

While this is not good news for marketers who have invested heavily in their loyalty card programs, all is not lost. Businesses are breathing new life into their programs by using a technology solution that is not only easy – and even fun – for customers, but is also more flexible and cost effective to manage.

According to Our Mobile Planet, 65% of Australians and 54% of New Zealanders aged 18+ own a smartphone. They may not always be able to find your loyalty card in their wallet, but they will always be able to find their phone, which is why so many marketers are moving their loyalty programs onto mobile friendly platforms.

Having a mobile loyalty program doesn’t necessarily mean having to build and app. While Australasians have an average of 30 apps on their smartphones, they only actively use a third of them. In addition, building an app can mean significant investment – both up front and in the ongoing cost of updates and maintenance.

Instead it is worth investigating how to make your existing loyalty card program mobile friendly. Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. A technology platform that can collect, manage and analyse customer data. You will need to personalise your messages and deliver offers and incentives based on specific customer interactions.
  2. A content management system to ensure you can build customised landing pages and create offers, messages and content quickly and cost effectively.
  3. Automated authentication mechanisms that can track participation, enable offers to be redeemed and verify reward/point levels while also ensuring that data is secure and that strong anti-fraud measures are in place.
  4. A Marketing Automation platform that is capable of rolling your loyalty program out across all of your digital channels – SMS, email, web, social and mobile – in a consistent way.
  5. A robust, real time reporting system with customisable dashboards that can provide valuable feedback on what is and isn’t working, and an internal process for ensuring this feedback leads to continuous improvement of the program.

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