Intagr8 Keeping Customers Happy

Monday 20 October 2014, 11:42AM

By Nish A


With all the money and effort being spent on advertising and marketing these days, it can be quite efficacious to consider the testimonials page on a company website and read the recommendations of their satisfied customers, usually an accurate pointer to the success, or otherwise of a business and the Intagr8 testimonials page is no exception. Testimonials such as these can be an extremely valuable marketing tool and a great advertisement for a product of service. Take the following as a case in point.

“We have recently installed a new phone system with Intagr8 and changed our telephone account to them as well. This was a really positive experience from the outset, beginning with the visit of their Sales Representative who outlined their programme. Despite being about 10 years old, our current equipment was reliable and functioning well and I saw no particular reason to change.  However, we were somewhat surprised to find that we could receive an entirely new telephone system including multiple extensions at no cost provided we used Intagr8 as our service provider.  We were even more surprised to find they charged less than our current company.

“Once the contractual obligations were signed off, their technicians arrived.  Again we anticipated some disruption since there are many people in the organization requiring telephones during working hours and, while we were prepared for this, we were not particularly looking forward to the loss of communication.  Once again we were surprised.  Their staff completed the changeover of handsets, each one taking no more than a few minutes, and the changeover to the new system was completed late in the day when telephones were not required.  This consideration of the needs of the organization was much appreciated and certainly was very good business practice.

“The training which was required to utilize the new phones was thoughtful and unhurried, staff had time to ask questions and learn how to operate these.  They were provided with support material to ensure that they always had a reference should they lack knowledge. We are also very impressed with the new telephones themselves.  They are of superior quality and provide far more options that our older system. All in all this has been an excellent experience and I am happy to recommend Intagr8 to anyone who is  considering saving costs in terms of their telephone and toll account and receiving the benefits of an efficient, modern service.  Steve Collins – Principal, Whangaparaoa School.”

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