Greentree Business Software a must for Perigon's visibility

Tuesday 28 October 2014, 4:44PM

By Greentree International


Perigon wanted to see what was happening with its jobs in real time, and knew which business system would deliver.

Perigon works on large-scale electrical projects. It specialises in apartment buildings and also does installation work for Queensland’s gas industry.

It’s a fast-growing business with plans to expand its range of contract services. However, its systems weren’t delivering the information it required, to work more efficiently and to grow.

“We couldn’t see what was happening with purchase orders – whether they’d been receipted or invoiced,” says Administration Manager, Mel Golding.

“We were doing double data entry to keep tab on invoices and on outstanding purchase orders.”

Both Mel and General Manager, David James, had worked with Greentree before and had no doubt that it would deliver what they needed.

“With Greentree we can see everything that our project managers in the field are doing. It’s real-time, it’s easy to use and you can get all the data that you want,” Mel says.

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