Catering Auckland - Choose a Spit Roast for your Christmas Party

Tuesday 25 November 2014, 6:36PM
By Spit Roast Catering Auckland


With the year drawing to a close and the Christmas period approaching, the ever-dreaded office Christmas party is sure to creep into the minds of managers across the country. With much to organise ranging from the venue to the food to the drink, this task is certainly un-enviable. When you consider how busy the majority of businesses are in this period, the additional pressure of a Christmas party can make this time truly unbearable.  Should this job fall to you, contact the Spit Roast Catering Company today and let us help you provide a memorable Christmas party without the stress!

When the task of organising an office Christmas party comes to mind, apart from possibly alcohol the food served is often the most important consideration. Regarding catering for these types of events, the Spit Roast Catering Company presents a unique solution to spice up your party. We offer a palatable range of foods ranging from full-on spit roasts to homemade burgers and everything in-between, suitable for any party. Our confidence in the quality of the food we serve is so high that we offer the unique compliment guarantee, promising at least five compliments from guests or a $100 refund.

Our products are delivered based around your needs. We have Spit Roast catering cooked onsite options available where our friendly staff will come and cook your food on location before serving your guests and cleaning up afterwards.  Alternatively we can provide Spit Roast catering delivered with the food arriving piping hot and ready to eat in disposable containers. In addition after continually being asked about equipment hire we have recently expanded into this area, cementing our status as a one-stop catering shop and making your Christmas party that much easier for you to organise and in turn enjoy!

For the food and equipment hire for your Christmas party this year, make the choice you and your staff will love and contact Spit Roast Catering Auckland today! We will help you provide a memorable party that will have the office buzzing, all without you stressing out over the details.