Intagr8 Answers Questions On Toll Hacking

Wednesday 3 December 2014, 2:01PM

By Nish A


Intagr8 is a leading provider of office equipment, telecommunications hardware, software and billing services based in Auckland.  They utilise the equity in a customer’s current telecommunications call spend to offset the cost of new office equipment. Their customers choose them because of Intagr8’s ability to meet and exceed their expectations in value, service and expertise. This has ensured their continued growth and success in the telecommunications market, and to this end they are happy to answer questions and provide information on toll hacking.

One of the first questions asked about toll hacking is, “Who are these people and why are they stealing calls?” Intagr8 explains that today, highly skilled, technologically sophisticated criminals who have little fear of being detected, let alone apprehended or prosecuted, perpetrate communication theft from remote distances. These criminals conduct a growing syndicate selling access to communications systems all over the world. People also want to know “Why is identifying or stopping fraudulent calls the customer’s responsibility” and the simple answer is that only the customer can differentiate legitimate calls from fraudulent ones.

Another frequently asked question is, “How does a hacker gain access to my communications?” As Intagr8 replies, hackers use computerised calling programs, automatic diallers and sophisticated software to break or bypass your systems security and pass codes. They also ask “What is different about his theft from other forms of fraudulent activity?” the answers are. The call is processed as data, not voice. An international organisation is required to: find the victim, set up the call, collect the money and manage the administration in a foreign location, the location itself changes regularly. The theft or scheme has morphed and expanded in form and severity over the last few years.

Finally, most people are keen to know “What they we do to protect ourselves from these cyber criminals and con artists”, the professional team at Intagr8 are there to assist with this, explaining that, as with your personal lives, the better informed you are to the risks the better protected you are. Review policies on security, secure your system configuration and passwords, set-up a team approach to security/ service and work with your equipment vendor. Do not let management or your company be taken by surprise. They suggest contacting Intagr8 to talk through your options and discuss measures you can take to upgrade your communications security. For further information, please visit their website at .