#WinYourWish at Northlands this Christmas

Thursday 11 December 2014, 4:44PM
By Alexander PR


If you were to be granted just one wish this Christmas, what would it be?... to fly close family or friends home to spend the day together? …to spread happiness and cheer to your loved ones by shouting them a lunch at this joyous time of year? …Or to become the proud owner of a brand new iPad or Xbox you’ve been eyeing up?

While it’s true that there are highly important and sentimental things that money can’t buy, it’s well-known that there are a few things it can… and in the spirit of granting wishes this Christmas, Northlands is inviting locals to join them in celebrating the season and all its festivities by taking part in its #WinYourWish campaign. #WinYourWish encourages locals to submit the wishes at the top of their Christmas lists to the centre, and if they’re lucky - the centre will grant them that wish.

With no limit as to the monetary value of each wish, shoot for the stars, and who knows what will happen! But, with more than $20,000 allocated strictly to giving gifts, Northlands is looking forward to granting copious Christmas wishes, and is encouraging locals to think outside the box by wishing for travel vouchers to bring back family and friends, or grocery vouchers to shout a family feast!

How to enter:
From 1 December - 19 December, 2014, locals can attempt to win their wish by shopping at Northlands, taking photos of their ‘wish’ and submitting to Facebook with the hashtag #WinYourWish. They are also eligible to enter via entry form in-centre, and posting on the centre’s Facebook page.

In a competition first, the centre won’t be notifying the winners of whether or not they have won. Starting Monday 15 December, 2014 Northlands’ very own Santa Claus will choose five wishes received from the entry period and get his hardworking elves to work their magic and grant those wishes. From there, the gifts will be named in big, bold writing and placed in a 2.5mx2.5m Perspex box within the centre. With only 24 hours to redeem the gift before it’s added to the promotional display, it will be up to good old word-of-mouth via shoppers and social media to then tag their winning friend/family member in a photo and/or call and notify them and encourage them to come and claim their gift!

As soon as one gift is redeemed, another will be added in its place meaning there will always be five gifts in the centre’s giant present, and that the sooner and faster the gifts are redeemed, the more local wishes are granted!

What: #WinYourWish
Where: Northlands
When: Nomination period, 1 December, 2014 – 19 December, 2014
Collection period: 15 December, 2014 – 21 December, 2014
How to enter: Via the centre’s Facebook page, or in-centre
How to redeem: Keep an eye out online and while in-centre to see whether your wish has been granted.