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The 'CLUB'

Thursday 22 January 2015, 11:50AM
By J. James

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key did a rare thing on Tuesday – he told the truth.   Speaking about New Zealand’s contribution to the fight against the US and Israel inspired IS he said “ it’s the price of the club”

which club would that be Prime minister?

And what other price will NZ  have to pay to be part of that club ?

These are telling words – he is right NZzzz is part of a club –  many ‘clubs’ in fact and each have their own Terms and Conditions - their own PRICE to pay

There is the International Monetary Fund club
The World bank club
The World Trade Organisation  club
The world health organisation Club
and of course lets not forget that CODEX club which is a club within a club being part of the WTO - Through virtue of signing and ratifying so many ‘clubs’ Terms &  Conditions NZ now faces draconian CODEX  laws pertaining to our food and alternative health food and medicines

Then there are the –not-so-secretive-anymore clubs
The Builderberg club
The Trilateral Club
The Mont Perlin Club – although only a few would be members of this one but the country gets affected by it – you know who they are by their titles - Sir – like Sir Roger Douglas – or Sir Michael Fay or Sir Ron Briely – they got knighted for their economic warfare implementation – aka neo liberal agendas ….

Come to think of it what price would have to be paid by citizens for being members of these clubs - What ‘price’ Mr Keys ?

I’m sure each of us could come up with many other clubs that NZ is a member of without fully knowing what price we have been committed to pay by our representatives - wonder if they fully know themselves

National didn’t wake up one day and decide right mate we are implenting this policy  today – and they are equally not that popular that the policies implemented here are adopted globally – who knew NZzzz had that much influence – no it’s the club mate – clubs have T&C that citizens are not privy to but of course we pay the price - like sending the young to bogus wars for oil or other strategic resources for powerful industries

what  price did JK pay that allowed our laws to be re written by the  US NSA?  Was  it part of the T&C of the five eyes club? …..and was the payoff  the prize of the elctions ?  just a thought

And what price will be paid for the TPPA ?

I wonder if the T&C of some club will allow the US to set up bases here so they can point their WMD at china

perhaps the growing inequality chasm is part of some clubs T&C

Many people are paying the price for Welfare reforms - ironically being implemented all over the globe must be part of the T&C of some club to  - which one I wonder ?

Clearly Charter schools are part of some clubs T&C  - our kids pay the price for that club

Which of course begs the question - how clearly do our MP’s read the Terms & conditions?

We all know we don’t  - we simply tick yes without reading – shrug our shoulders cross our fingers and hope for the best

The New Zealand Heralds Editoral "' ....'clubs' rules of engagment are not set in stone..."  is a timely reminder to Prime Minister Keys - but it also indicates how uneducated they are about the agreements NZ has signed to various - shall we say 'clubs' - that have T&C that have dire consequences to NZ in the longer term.  While the editor is right to challenge JK and point out our historic soverignty - today we live in a far different world - 12 years have passed since the illegal invasion of Iraq by the US - resulting in  more bogus wars loss of life and ongoing new legislation where our  rights and freedoms have been signed away into state law - to protect us from terrorist -  JK's government has already forced New Zealanders to pay a high price for his  membership of certain clubs - i would suggest this editor read the headlines of his own news paper to see what they are. - or is the editor aware of the clubs T&C and is warning the PM to think carefully as he knows there is wiggle room as Helen Clark knew ?


Oh well all this club talk makes me hungry – must go – tea an club sandwiches await ☺