The energy smart home – how renovating with solar can save you money

Friday 27 March 2015, 10:36AM
By Starseed PR

As property prices continue to increase, more homeowners are choosing to renovate and experts say if they include solar in their plans, they should be able to save thousands.

With the introduction of solarZero, a first-of-its kind $0-down solar power plan, the ability to go solar and save money on power is now firmly within reach of all Kiwi homeowners. Launched by New Zealand’s leading solar power company, solarcity, homebuilders and renovators can now have solar panels installed on their roof without having to pay for the panels or installation.

“Our new solarZero plan is the first of its kind in New Zealand and allows Kiwis to generate clean power at a fixed price for solar power which is lower than traditional electricity. $0-down means they can incorporate solar without increasing the cost of their build/renovation “They no longer have to choose between helping the environment/ and creating an energy efficient and sticking to their building or renovation budget” says Andrew Booth, founder and chief executive of solarcity.

For the best results during building/renovations, solarcity recommends involving solar experts in the initial planning. This will help identify how many solar panels are needed to power the house and what direction they should face – a north facing position is best. Solar panels, mounting hardware, cables and an inverter (or controller) will then be connected to the roof, which can be completed within a day, says solarcity, planning installation as part of a new build or renovation ensures a clean seamless install without the need for external cables to run down the outside of the house.

“solarZero ticks a lot of boxes for homebuilders and renovators, you can achieve a higher HomeStar rating, reduce your household spend and contribute to a sustainable future for the next generation,” says Andrew Booth.

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