Marvellous Maadi for Rangi Ruru

Tuesday 31 March 2015, 5:44PM

By RedPR


One of Rangi Ruru's Winning Maadi Teams
One of Rangi Ruru's Winning Maadi Teams Credit: Photos courtesy of Rowing Celebration


Two gold medals are the icing on the cake for Rangi Ruru after this years Maadi Cup Rowing Regatta.

37 girls took part in what was one of the most successful Maadi Cup outings for Rangi in several years, with 34 making A finals.  

Additionally, Rangi increased its ranking to 7th out of 122 schools overall. Last season the school was ranked 25th.

2196 students competed at the regatta which is the biggest in New Zealand.

The following girls won medals:

GOLD in the Under 15 coxed four and winners of the Waikato Diocesan School for Girls Cup:

Samantha Wing, Claudia Reid, Jemima Bell, Isabella Carter, Cox- Harriet Green

GOLD in the Under 15 eight and winners of the Tauranga Girls High School Cup:

Sophie McCartin,mClaudia Reid, Samantha Wing, Izzie Evans,mJemima Bell, Emma Stephens, Alice Sproat, Isabella Carter,mCox- Maisie Nattrass

SILVER in the Under 18 Four:

Milly MacFarlane, Alice Luxton, Jemima Allison, Lilly Hazlett, Cox- Harriet Green

BRONZE in the Under 16 Four:

Sophie McCartin, Olivia McLeod, Alex Summerfield, Izzie Evans, Cox- Maisie Nattrass

Rangi rowing coach Mark Cotham says the school took a very tight fourth in the U18 pairs race which is an extremely competitive event.

"The girls raced exceptionally well and all the Rangi Ruru coaches (me, Fi, Ben, Jack and Izzy) are incredibly proud of their achievements."

Four Rangi rowers have been selected to trial for the regional South Island Under 18 Representative team: Sophie McCartin, Lottie Eglington, Alice LuxtonBand Maisie Nattrass.

Coach Fiona Patterson has been selected to coach those selected.  

The following girls were awarded top 10 medallions for coming top 10 in an Under 18 event:

Libby Vincent (U18 pair & eight)

Lilly Hazlett (U18 pair, four & eight)

Milly MacFarlane (U18  four & eight)

Alice Luxton (U18  four & eight)

Jemima Allison (U18 four & eight)

Harriet Green (U18 four & eight)

Lottie Eglington (U18 eight)

Sophie McCartin (U18 eight)

Izzie Evans (U18 eight)

Biddy Harris (U18 lightweight four)

Bella Gilltrap (U18 lightweight four)

Isabella Carter(U18 lightweight four)

Jaimee Miller (U18 lightweight four)

Molly Senior (U18 lightweight four)