Home Appliances and Whiteware Rankings Based Reach Home Appliances and Whiteware Rankings Based Reach CREDIT: FIRST.

How SEO helped the leading home appliance provider dominate the online search landscape

Friday 15 May 2015, 10:37AM

Which online home appliance and whiteware stores are taking the lead in organic search?

FIRST, an award-winning team of smart Digital Marketers who have helped over 300 companies across 100 industries achieve success online, has investigated the organic search engine rankings for NZ consumer searches focused on buying home appliances and whiteware. FIRST utilised its bespoke methodology called Ranking Based Reach (RBR) analysis framework. In addition, a consumer survey was carried out to find out which home appliance stores are popular among Kiwis.

FIRST revealed that Harvey Norman currently takes the lead in natural search rankings compared to its competitors. It is closely followed by Noel Leeming. Majority of the the home appliance providers have very low RBR scores, below 5%. This points to the need and urgency of these providers to optimise for highly relevant and popular search phrases to be competitive online.

In a very competitive market, a data-driven and comprehensive Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy should be a vital customer acquisition for home appliances and whiteware providers to create online brand awareness, increase revenue and grow their share of digital spend.

Download the FREE Home Appliances and Whiteware Industry Report with the consumer survey from the FIRST website to know how a digital strategy with a sustained focus on natural search optimisation can boost online sales.