Brand Search Volume for Contents, House and Car Insurance Brand Search Volume for Contents, House and Car Insurance CREDIT: FIRST.

Where do Kiwis go for their contents, house and car insurance?

Tuesday 19 May 2015, 9:47AM

In a new industry report, FIRST has investigated the organic search engine rankings for NZ consumer searches focused on contents, house and car insurances. FIRST used its bespoke methodology called Rankings Based Reach (RBR) to provide an estimate of the percentage of search traffic a website will receive for a set of phrases. Additionally, a consumer survey was carried out to discover the purchase behaviour of Kiwis when it comes to insurance products.

In the RBR analysis, State was leading the way thanks to prominent organic and paid search presence. Despite being a newcomer in the industry, Youi was quickly gaining popularity among Kiwis and was ahead of major bank and non-bank insurance providers. 

FIRST discovered that the search volume for the search term 'car insurance' has been steadily increasing among New Zealand customers since October 2013. Trend data also showed that banks are lagging far behind insurance companies in terms of search volumes for insurance related search terms.

So, where is the first place Kiwis go to find information about their general insurance needs? According to the survey, Kiwis go directly to the website of a known insurance provider. They also search for insurance information in Google's search engine. Ranking high for insurance related phrases in the search engines can be advantageous to increase online leads and sales. 

A data-driven digital strategy that integrates both organic and paid search can drive brand recognition and improve reputation of contents, house and car insurance providers in the digital space.

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