Principal strategy for generating life and health insurance online sales

Tuesday 19 May 2015, 10:26AM



Rankings Based Reach (RBR) for Life and Health Insurance Providers
Rankings Based Reach (RBR) for Life and Health Insurance Providers Credit: FIRST.

In its new industry report, FIRST reveals the leading life and health insurance providers in the organic search landscape by utilising its bespoke metric called Rankings Based Reach (RBR). By estimating the percentage of available search traffic a website will receive for a set of phrases, FIRST was able to give the insurance site's share of search or reach. This estimate is weighted based on the popularity of each search phrase and the relative Click Through Rate (CTR) of each ranking position. The websites' search engine rankings were then compared to each other to determine the RBR leader.

In this analysis, AA and Life Direct emerged as the RBR leaders followed by Pinnacle Life and Nib. It was shown that there is a significant opportunity for the rest of the life and health insurance providers to be competitive online by optimising for highly relevant and popular key search phrases. A comprehensive and data-driven Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy can help life and health insurance providers increase online sales revenue and market share.

A consumer survey was conducted by FIRST that revealed that reputation and credibility followed by the range of cover options were the important factors for Kiwis when considering an insurance provider. 

FIRST also showed industry trend data that indicated a steady high demand for the search terms 'life insurance nz' and 'health insurance nz' among Kiwis. This trend signifies the need for adopting quickly by implementaing a sound digital strategy focused on natural search optimisation.

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