Consumer Research: Who gives the best advice on home loans? Consumer Research: Who gives the best advice on home loans? CREDIT: FIRST.

How Do Banks Do It? Home Loans Online In NZ Today

Wednesday 20 May 2015, 11:42AM

In the industry report published by FIRST, it showed that only banks were present in the top positions in ogranic search in the home loans market beating non-bank lenders.

Using its bespoke metric called Rankings Based Reach (RBR), FIRST investigated the organic search engine rankings for NZ consumer searches focused on home loans. Additionally, a consumer survey was conducted which revealed that most Kiwis perceive banks and finance providers as more knowledgeable in providing them with advice on home loan options.

In the home loans industry, the RBR leader is Westpac followed by ANZ and Kiwibank. As mentioned earlier, within the first 6 positions of the rankings, only banks are present, which signifies that non-bank lenders have to optimise home loan related search terms to remain visible online. 

The report also showed the search trend for the phrase 'loan repayment calculator' in New Zealand over the last 5 years. There was a notable uplift for the search phrase over the past year. This points to the need for home loan providers to rank for this phrase in the Google search engine to increase posibilities for visitors from search.

In a highly competitive industry, bank and non-bank lenders must optimise the most cost-effective marketing channel- Search.

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