Rankings Based Reach for Consumer Electronics Providers Rankings Based Reach for Consumer Electronics Providers CREDIT: FIRST.

Stores or Online? Where do Kiwis go for their electronics?

Wednesday 20 May 2015, 2:09PM

In a consumer survey conducted by FIRST, more than 40% of Kiwis who enter the physical stores of consumer electronics providers have the intention of buying the product online. Moreover, customers typically go to Google's search engine when finding information about consumer electronics.

FIRST, a leading digital marketing agency based in Auckland, New Zealand, has just published a new industry report showing how visible online consumer electronics stores are in Google's search engine. By using its bespoke methodology called Rankings Based Reach (RBR), FIRST provided an estimate of the percentage of available search traffic a website will receive for a set of phrases. Simply, it is an estimate of how well the website is ranking in search engines compared to its competitors. The RBR analysis showed that Dick Smith is leading in the industry while most retailers don't rank well in many of the search terms used by most Kiwis. There is a significant opportunity for most consumer electronics websites to remain competitive and boost online revenue by implementing a data-driven Search Optimisation Strategy (SEO) that integrates both organic and paid search. . 

The report also shows that there was a dramatic increase for the term 'smartwatch' among New Zealand consumers since March 2013 and has been consistently increasing over the past two years. There was also a significant uplift for the search term 'fitbit' among Kiwis since November 2014. Both trends point to the urgency of adopting quickly and optimising the most cost-effective marketing channel - search.

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