How do Kiwis apply for insurance? How do Kiwis apply for insurance? CREDIT: FIRST.

Which travel insurance provider stands out in NZ online search?

Thursday 21 May 2015, 9:15AM

In a new industry report published by FIRST, it revealed that the online travel insurance industry in New Zealand is dominated by Southern Cross. Despite ranking well in organic search results, this travel insurance provider is still investing in paid search for incremental clicks.

The online travel insurance market is highly competitive and bigger players are capturing the big proportion of the demand thanks to prominent organic and paid search presence. FIRST also found out that most travel insurance websites have very low organic Rankings Based Reach (RBR) scores, less than 10%. This represents a big opportunity for natural search optimisation.  Popular search phrases are missing from most sites and in most cases very little is being done with organic search.

FIRST also conducted a consumer survey that showed reputation and credibility, followed by a transparent policy and good price as the most important factors for Kiwis when they purchase travel insurance. The survey also revealed that most Kiwis apply online rather than visit the physical branch or phone the provider's call centre for their travel insurance needs. 

So, how can your company capture a big portion of the online demand for travel insurance?

Answer! By implementing a data-driven digital strategy that integrates both organic and paid search, your company will be able to increase visitors to your site, generate leads, convert leads to customers and ultimately, boost online revenue. 

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