Brand search trends in New Zealand for Toy providers Brand search trends in New Zealand for Toy providers CREDIT: FIRST.

How Search Can Help You Be the #1 Toy Brand Online

Tuesday 26 May 2015, 12:12PM

By utilising their bespoke metric called RBR (Rankings Based Reach) FIRST revealed that Toyworld currently takes the lead in natural search rankings and is the most visible site in the toys market in Google's search engine results page. Toyworld dominates the search landscape, capturing a big portion of online demand thanks to prominent organic and paid search presence. Other toy companies such as Mighty Ape and Fishpond are catching up in this online industry race to the top by also investing in search to rank well in organic listings and paid advertising. 

Search trend data indicate consistent high search volume for the term 'toys nz' among New Zealand customers over the last 5 years particularly, towards the Christmas period. There is an opportunity for toy brands to optimise the most cost-effective marketing channel, search, and take advantage of this seasonal niche customer search behaviour. In this competitive industry, in order to be highly visible to online customers, an insights-based and results-driven digital strategy that integrates both organic and paid search can significantly help boost online sales revenue and customer acquisition in the online toys market.

Included in the industry report is a consumer survey that reveals where New Zealand customers would go first to search for toys as well as the most important factors when ordering toys online.

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