Healtheries and New World kick off promotion with Dan Carter

Thursday 18 June 2015, 2:27PM
By Bloom PR

One lucky sports club or performing arts group is set to be the recipient of a cash prize which will be delivered by New Zealand rugby legend and Healtheries brand ambassador, Dan Carter.

The sports star has teamed up with Healtheries and New World for a promotion, kicking off on 22 June, which gives people the opportunity to nominate a sports club or performing arts group to win $10,000. The prize money will be personally delivered by Dan to the winning club or group to buy new equipment or to improve facilities.

New World customers will automatically be entered into the draw when they swipe their Fly Buys card, or New World clubcard, when buying any two Healtheries Supplements or Teas. The promotion runs until 19 July 2015, and the winner will be announced on 10 August.

Healtheries brand manager, Julia Fletcher, says Healtheries is proud to be giving back to the community with the help of a New Zealand sports star.

“The passion, commitment and community spirit of the people involved with the many sports clubs and performing arts groups around the country is truly inspiring,” she says. “Keeping fit and healthy is very important for many of the people involved with these groups, and we hope the prize money will have a positive impact.”

Each week thousands of Kiwis take to the field or stage to socialise, have fun and to maintain wellbeing. As a top rugby player, Dan knows the importance of following a few simple steps to help performance. Here are seven health and fitness tips from the rugby legend.   

Do something you love: “It can be hard to find the motivation to exercise when it’s cold. A good way to overcome this is to do something you enjoy, or buddy up with a friend for a run or walk to keep each other motivated.”        

Eat well: “Fresh, wholesome food is the best way to keep up energy levels.  I love sushi and will eat it a couple of times a week. To help me recover, and to give me energy for the following day, I mix it up between carbohydrates and protein.”  

Stay hydrated: “Drinking plenty of water is important. I try to drink water throughout my training which can be tough at times so it’s important to drink plenty of water post- exercise.”

Boost nutrients: “Training and regular exercise can deplete nutrients in the body. To keep on top of this, taking supplements like magnesium can help relax tight muscles. To help support immunity take a supplement like Healtheries Vitamin C.” 

Stretch before and after exercise:  “It’s important to warm up first to prevent injuries and to stretch afterwards to help with flexibility and reduce muscle soreness.  Your core is an important part of your body and I like to try and activate it before I start my training as well as stretching most of my leg muscle groups post-training while I’m still warm.”

Set goals: “To keep focused, set small goals to help you work towards something.”

Have fun: “No matter how you like to exercise and stay fit, it is important to have fun. The great thing is that you’re moving. Regular exercise is an important way to stay healthy.”      

See for full promotion terms and conditions.