Money in Rubbish: Scrap Metals Earn Cash

Thursday 9 July 2015, 7:31PM
By Metal Salvage Services Ltd


It is easy to devalue something once it reaches its expiration, has maximised its durability or lost its fashion. This happens to metal wares.Damaged car parts, broken metal ware, worn-away implements and equipment - these all may belong to the dumpster and thrown away for good.

What many people fail to recognise is that metal scraps retain some of its value after all the scratches and rusts it incurs. After all, metal wastes are classified as recyclable materials.

Earn Cash in Trash

Situated in the Wairau Valley, Metal Salvage Services can turn your metal trash into instant cash. They buy all sorts of scrap metal in Auckland,such as aluminium, lead acid batteries, bikes, brass, cars and auto parts, computers, copper, exercise equipment, lead, phones, radiators, stainless steel and white ware.

Metal Salvage Services has the complete facilities to finish your transactions without bothering you to come to their shop. They will take care of the weighing scales and transportation. They will also pay you on the spot for your goods. You may visit their page for a more comprehensive guide to qualified scraps.

Environmental Advocacy

Metal Salvage Services is more than just your local metal salvage dealer in Auckland. "To prevent wastage of already manufactured products and reduce gas emissions, we recycle metal," says their website.

They advocate recycling to promote a clean and safe environment. They believe that preventing wastage is important to protect the environment. Thus, they use a system of recycling your metal scraps in the most efficient way possible. Their staff is trained to recycle metal with the least emission and landfill waste.

Wherever you are in Auckland, Metal Salvage Services have the facilities to transport your metal scraps. They are known for their efficiency and fast pickup.

If you are interested in helping their advocacy for cleaner environment or if you want to maximise the value of your broken metal wares, you may contact Metal Salvage Services or visit their website at