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Wanganui Travel Guide

Whanganui — Wanganui city has long been renowned for its wealth of cultural and historical treasures, as well as its stunning riverfront setting.  Wanganui was one of New Zealand's most successful Mori settlements throughout the 1800s due to fertile soils, a moderate climate, and an abundance of fresh water.

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See Taupo From Above With INFLITE Charters' Totally Taupo Combo

Apart from the fact that Lake Taupo is one of the most beautiful bodies of water in New Zealand, most Kiwis see it as a place to stop for gas, grab something to eat, or even break your trip on your way to somewhere else, without actually seeing what a fabulous place it is. Well, INFLITE Charters are going to change all that so you can find out more about Taupo.

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All You Need To Know About INFLITE Charters

Whether you need a charter service for a corporate executive, large business group, sports team, international band, small family group or couple, INFLITE Charters can deliver the comfort, convenience and luxury of private flights that will accommodate your needs.

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