Easy Steps to a Stress-Free Company Dinner Party

Tuesday 14 July 2015, 6:07PM

By Nelson Restaurants | Speights Ale House



Days spent working in the office tend to get long and stressful, which is why if your company decides to host a dinner party, it is best to spend the evening unwinding and relaxing instead of fussing over the unmanageable crowd or the dishes nobody seems to be eating.

It is not going to be a fun night when all you are thinking about is the food that has yet to make it to the table or the people already drunk so early. There are steps you can implement to make sure your dinner party goes off without a hitch and stays stress-free.

Plan Early

Planning early not only sets the mood for the entire company, but also helps you manage things better because you have quite the head start. If something goes wrong, you will have more time to correct it. If someone backs out, you will have plenty of time to invite somebody else.

Keep it Small

Company dinner parties are private events, but sometimes, when the word gets out, it is rude to ask people not to go. When uninvited people crash a party, there is greater tendency for things to get rowdy. The key here is to keep it as intimate as possible and confined to members of the company as strictly as you can.

Enlist Professional Help

Most importantly, delegate. Assign someone to take charge of finances, somebody with the invites and someone else with the catering. Nelson is not short of catering options for corporate gatherings. Ale House Nelson is the town’s go-to when it comes to quality catering to their events.

Whether it is a work-place function or an intimate get-together, Speights Ale House Nelson can bring to you quality food and help you to a stress-free night. With their master chefs unlike any other Nelson restaurant, you are sure to have a night to remember.

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