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Extending Your Living Space to the Outdoors

Friday 18 September 2015, 2:46PM
By Garden Pine Design


Extending your home’s living space has always been problematic for many homeowners. Even if you own a relatively large house, you may find that it’s just lacking in space for stretching and moving around. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to find such a place if every part of your home is already full.

What most people fail to realize is that there’s actually plenty of space, and it’s all located outside of the home. Extending your living space to the outdoors may seem unconventional, but it’s surprisingly effective in increasing your home’s visual appeal and making the most of the space’s functionality.

Garden Pine Design says your home’s outdoor space has the potential to become an extension not only for your living room, but for other parts of your home as well. Finding the ideal amenities and fittings for your new living space is also quite easy, as you can easily buy outdoor furniture online. They add that there’s no better way to enjoy a bright sunny day than reclining on a chair in your backyard with a drink in hand and surrounded by nature.

The company cautions weekend warriors that are looking to extend their living spaces to plan their design before they start looking at furniture they’d like to fill their new space with. As previously mentioned, your home’s outdoor space is very versatile and can become an extension of any part of your house. Deciding what to do with the space means you’ll have an easier time picking the right furniture and fittings.

If you’re planning on extending your living room outside, Garden Pine Design says the ideal furniture  would be their chairs with retractable footrests as well as side tables where you can place decorations. On the other hand, round tables and Cape Cod chairs are better for those extending their kitchen space or creating an area for outdoor gatherings.

The kind of pine the company uses is H3 Light Organic Solvent Preservative treated, which makes the products surprisingly resistant to weathering. They add that this treatment also ‘resists rot and insect damage for many years’, well beyond the capabilities of other timber-made chairs in the market. Additionally, all the chairs and tables they supply are knot-free with a smooth finish, and all their screws are made of stainless steel to prevent rusting.

If you are looking to buy outdoor furniture NZ wide, Garden Pine Design supplies a range of Cape Cod chairs and tables that are ideal for extending your home’s living spaces. More information about their products is available at