Introduction to Google Analytics

Tuesday 29 September 2015, 10:01AM
By Perry Bernard

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that’s available free of cost from Google. Once successfully installed in your website, it provides a comprehensive reporting system to measure website traffic and behavior on your site, how people reached your site, how long they visited for, and even allows attribution of a sales on your site (if you have eCommerce) with a lead source, like Adwords or even Facebook.

Forge Online can assist you in either:

1. Helping you reconnect your existing Google Analytics
2. Install and hold details for a new Google Analytics Property which we can share access to, with you. We install by default unless advised otherwise.

Connecting to Google Analytics:

Let us know if you’d like us to simply migrate the existing account code to your new website. This will allow you to move seamlessly from reporting on your old website to your new site, but it’s important to note that Forge will not be able to check or assist with any questions about your data as we won’t have access to your Google Analytics Property. We also won’t be able to flag any events to your attention.
If you don’t have a Google Analytics account yet We will set up a Google Analytics Property for you, under our Master Google Analytics account. We can share access to the GA Property with you if you already have a Google account. A Google account is the same as any Gmail account you already hold, or any other email address that is registered in Google as an account holder.

To check if you can access Google Analytics, try visiting this link and logging in with your Google credentials:
Also refer to the next section regarding another Google tool also available for measuring SEO on your website.

How to Use Google Analytics:

You can learn how to use the Google Analytics interface using the GA Academy learning center. You can access that from the Reporting page in Google Analytics and clicking on the Mortar Board icon (university graduation cap) on ...

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