Elite Cleaning: Maintaining a Clean Environment for Your Employees and Family

Wednesday 7 October 2015, 1:22PM
By Elite Cleaning


The cleanliness of your living or working space is paramount to efficiency and a higher standard of living. But cleaning it can be time-consuming and energy sapping, which are both stressful when you are among the working population.

Many homeowners and business proprietors are able to find time in the weekend to clean. Even though they are able to clean the dust away, it will not be enough to stay spotless for a week. In the end, the cleaning becomes irrelevant and people become exhausted.

It is nice to know you can rely on professional cleaning services in the area. Elite Cleaning is one of the few Nelson cleaning services that can clean all surfaces, from floors and bathrooms to rubbish disposals. Since opening in Taranaki in 2003, they have served more than 130 businesses in the New Plymouth region. They come fully equipped to handle any situation. From the largest warehouses to the smallest houses and offices, their team of specialist cleaners can handle it.

For Commercial Clients

As a commercial cleaning company, you can count on us to clean your work site, warehouse or office. Even though indirect, Elite Cleaning can help improve your health and the health of your employees with our cleaning services. Making sure your business premises is hygienically clean is our job, and it is easier to achieve than before thanks to us.

We provide flexible services to all our clients. You can choose from having us once or twice a week, even daily if the need comes. Elite Cleaning prioritises your operation, and we will accommodate your needs exactly as we did with our other clients. Just tell us what you need, and we will be off. No cutting corners, no hassle, we can make your space immaculately clean.

For Residential Clients

If you need your home spotless, come to Elite Cleaning. Our fleet will come to your home, and do the best cleaning job you have ever seen. From floors to ceiling, we have the expertise to deliver total customer satisfaction.

Cleaning is hard work, and to do it right, you need professional knowledge. Learn more about the company and our services by visiting