Guard Against CV Forging in New Zealand with Professional Investigators

Friday 9 October 2015, 6:16PM
By Resolve Investigations Ltd


In September this year, the New Zealand Herald reported that a former Financial Markets Authority (FMA) staff was charged with 11 theft or forgery cases that amounted to $209,765.

Former FMA analyst Benjamin Anthony Kiro allegedly engaged in a Ponzi-type scheme that promised businessmen and individuals a return on investment in stocks. He is also accused of forging his academic qualifications to land employment in the FMA, the entity responsible for implementing laws and regulations in New Zealand.

Due to this incident, the FMA started reviewing their recruitment procedures to ensure this kind of fraud will never happen again. Unfortunately, this is just one of the many forgery cases committed in New Zealand.

Recruitment is a crucial process in any company, big or small. All staff members carry the company’s name, brand and image, and a single mistake can affect the whole company. This makes forgery, a CV forgery in the case of Kiro, a big splash in institutions such as the FMA.

Protecting Organisations Against Frauds

One way to avoid forgery during the recruitment process is by hiring private investigation services, such as Resolve Investigations. They are able to conduct thorough investigations in various fields such as CV checking, background checks, Internet and PC monitoring, corporate fraud and theft, and staff activity monitoring.

Resolve Investigations says that people can have suspicions or beliefs that may be insubstantial because it lacks evidence. The investigative firm gives individuals and businesses the opportunity to prove their speculations with the help of a private detective.

The investigation firm has the latest surveillance equipment and techniques useful in gathering reliable information. They implement advanced techniques in legal investigation, surveillance, intelligence and investigations, counter intelligence and surveillance, and covert cameras.

In addition, Resolve Investigation is also involved in family tracking when it comes to child abduction and custody, matrimonial concerns and location tracking. Their private detectives follow strict protocol when it comes to client security and concerns.

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