High School Timetabling Function Developed with John Baumfield

Wednesday 25 November 2015, 2:09PM

MUSAC's new High School Timetabling Function Developed with John Baumfield Now Available

School timetabling is a difficult and stressful task to get right before the school year starts.
MUSAC’s cloud school administration system, EDGE, has an intuitive school timetable creator
built in. MUSAC's new timetabling software function, developed with John Baumfield is Now Available.

There is now a choice to create your school timetable in EDGE – manually or automatically.
The EDGE SMS now has the capability to automatically generate option lines and allocate students to classes. There is extra filtering of subject, course and year levels to the option line and student
allocation pages to assist with focusing on a particular area of the timetable for large schools.
We have also adopted the ‘pinning’ functionality so liked in TTSM in the student allocation
page – pinning students, classes or year levels. Refer to edge answers for full details on this
new school timetable creator functionality or email for more information and to arrange a demo. More information is available on the website at