Walk for depression event raises funds

Saturday 12 December 2015, 3:19PM

By Community Taranaki



A 'walk for depression' event held in New Plymouth today has managed to raise more than $60 for the Mental Health Association. 

The event, which begun at New Plymouth's wind wand on the coastal walkway, was a walk between the wind wand, to Fitzroy, and took about an hour. 

More than twenty Taranaki residents turned up to take place in the event, which was created by 16 year old student Temika Amstad. 

"Depression is all around us Taranaki, and it's getting even worse every day. So many young and old lives are destoryed by depression and something needs to change. That change, is us," she said. 

Amstad said the walk was largely to raise some awareness, and bring the community together in a friendly environment. 

"I'll be organizing more of these events in the future, to bring the community together and make a difference."

Taranaki community advocate Michael Riley, 18, gained clerance from the New Plymouth District Council for the event to take place, however could not attend the walk. 

"The event organizer, Temika has done an excellent job with this and has put a lot of effort in that regular community walks to raise awareness are on the outlook for the near future," Riley said.

"She really should be praised as it does take guts for someone of her age to have such an positive impact on people out there." 

The next community event to raise awareness for issues such as mental health, is being planned for the new year.