Bringing Affordable and Quality Accommodation for Students

Tuesday 5 January 2016, 6:01PM
By Buildcorp


Finding an accommodation in Auckland that suits both your taste and budget will always be a challenge. It would be like hunting down for a needle in a haystack. This is a sad reality that students all over the country are facing now.

Despite the housing crisis, which has made apartments for rent in Auckland somewhat of a luxurious feat, college students have persisted and gone out on a limb to scout for nice, liveable flats. A 2014 report said that unlike in the past, undergraduates are no longer keen on retaining cheap, dingy houses.

They want affordable accommodations that do not sacrifice high quality, which is a valid shift in interest. Establishments in poor conditions are disadvantageous to the landlord as much as it to the tenants. The high-maintenance costs and potential safety risks are not worth the low price you pay them for.

Everywhere in the country, you will run into students, just like you, hunting down for good deals that provide a good living condition without hitting the pockets too hard.

With Buildcorp, the search is over. Their student accommodation offers quality and affordability combined into one. Their properties are secure, easily accessible, well maintained and located in the heart of Auckland, wherein lie many schools offering high quality education.

More about Buildcorp

Registered in 1996, Buildcorp Management Limited or Buildcorp is one of New Zealand’s top specialist residential property management companies.

They have continued to grow their business through acquisition of more properties and expansion of portfolios. Above all else, they put quality of property management services and tenancy security on top in their list of priorities.

They own most of the properties they manage, which enable them to offer long-term accommodations at affordable rates. Their range of clientele includes students, working professionals, families and retirees. Being property owners themselves, they understand the requirements needed to protect and properly maintain the landlords’ investments.

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