1080 Poison Falls Close Enough to Forestry Workers

Tuesday 5 January 2016, 6:14PM
By BuzzOff Pest Control


Forestry employees working around Auckland's Hunua Ranges notifies the council that the latest 1080 bait operation went too close for comfort. The workers said the baits laced with the poison fell close enough within their range that they could smell it.

"It was quite a sweet smell – a bit like cinnamon," said logging contractor Mark Nyhoff. He said that their 10-man crew was clearing exotic trees at the northwestern edge of the ranges when one of the two helicopters went over the exclusion zone that the council and the landowner agreed beforehand.

The forestry workers were dismayed when squares of poisoned cereal that was meant to eradicate pests dropped about 20m away from them. Nyhoff said the council failed to notify them on time about the operation. “We got a ring from the forestry company while they were dropping it," he said.

Council regional and specialist parks manager Mace Ward, however, said that they contacted the area’s forestry manager via text message and email. They even called to make sure the contractors are aware of the Auckland pest control operation.

This latest 1080 bait drop is the last of an operation that the council carried out. It aims to safeguard the eggs of native birds, such as the endangered kokako, from rats and stoats and protect the forest canopy from possums. The council said that all parkland and reserves in the Hunua Ranges will remain closed at least until they have cleared the tracks of any poison bait.

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