To DIY or Not to DIY: The Case of the Dirty Water Tank

Tuesday 5 January 2016, 8:16PM

By Burford Concrete Tanks



You can DIY pretty much everything these days – from replacing your cabinets to removing your lawn, from fixing your plumbing system to building some mouldings for your house. But where does this DIY trend stop? Is there a limit to doing these special projects on your own? How about that concrete water tank in your backyard?

The Internet will tell you that you have to clean concrete tanks every 3-5 years. The internet will also tell you that cleaning concrete tanks on your own is possible. You will just need a pressure washer, pressure washer detergent, bleach, and, if necessary, a hose and a wrench set. These are easy to acquire and the steps to cleaning the tank sound doable enough. The question now is – should you do them on your own?

Where DIY Stops

DIY is good for planting a container garden or repapering a wall. But when the steps include your entire household’s potable water, harmful bacteria and bleach, you might consider letting go of this DIY project and letting a professional team do this one for you. Having experts drain the bleach water out of your only source of drinking water is a sound idea, don’t you think?

Burford is your sound choice when it comes to cleaning concrete water tanks. You can trust their team to do the job efficiently, as they do not only clean tanks; they design and supply them, too. They know the ins and outs of water and effluent systems, and with their experienced team, you are sure to get your tank clean and your water as sparkling as it is healthy.

They have a specialised Water Tank Cleaning Service, which consists of precise steps based on 57 years of experience. Their cleaning system makes sure none of the tank content residue enters your household plumbing system and the tank is operating at peak efficiency afterwards. Once clean, they can help arrange for a fresh water load to be delivered and fed into your water tank.

Burford also offers a wide range of concrete products including concrete water tanks, septic tanks, filtration/aeration tanks, concrete sheds, among others.

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