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Burford Concrete Tanks
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Burford Concrete Tanks is the industry leader in the design and supply of high quality concrete water tanks, septic tanks, and water and effluent systems in New Zealand. Based in Winton and providing services to South Island lifestyle block and farm owners, the company has been the go-to-name for tanks in the region since their establishment in 1958.

Burford Concrete Tanks also offers a range of other services, including water tank cleaning services. They do not clean septic tank systems, however, as this would help prevent the risk of cross contamination through cleaning equipment.

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Tuesday, 5 January 2016
To DIY or Not to DIY: The Case of the Dirty Water Tank You can DIY pretty much everything these days – from replacing your cabinets to removing your lawn, from fixing your plumbing system to building some mouldings for your house. 218 views

Tuesday, 14 July 2015
Prevent Contamination in Your Farm with a Well-Designed Septic System Most farms in New Zealand use private sewage treatment systems. 199 views