Store Your Supplies, Merchandise in Quality Shelving

Wednesday 6 January 2016, 6:35PM
By Hydestor Manufacturing - Shelving


When entering a supermarket, you probably would walk directly to the isle, grab the items on your grocery list and pay at the counter. It would skip your attention how the products are stacked or how the shelving system is done.

In the world of marketing and as any merchandisers would suggest, the way the products are stored and displayed affect the buyer’s perception. It may affect the behaviour of buyers and may determine whether the products will be cleared off the inventory or not.

You may blame it on the manipulation of space or how the merchandise is easy to access or how attractive they are displayed. These factors affect whether you, as a buyer, will pick and purchase them.

Quality Shelving System

The aesthetic appeal and accessibility design of the shelves are crucial for the shelving of merchandise. For this, one manufacturer and distributor in New Zealand is popular.

Hydestor Manufacturing - Shelving offers excellent shelving units in NZ. From over a hundred years of experience in the field they sure are one of the authorities that can provide you with complete and customisable shelving solutions.

The company does not only design the shelves in NZ, but also manufacture the furniture. They have modern manufacturing plants and uses computer controlled processes in producing sturdy and high quality shelves. In addition, their shelves are completed with powder coating finish that makes lasting material protection and stylish appearance.

On top of these, Hydestor Manufacturing - Shelving is proud to say their contribution to the local NZ economy. The major components for the shelve products, the steel and the powder finishing, are both NZ made.

As a result of their untarnished reputation in the industry, their products have reached Asian and Australasian markets and have been conducting exporting activities for over two decades. They have also grown locally with different offices in East Tamaki, Auckland with branch offices in Christchurch, Rotorua and Wellington.

Hydestor Manufacturing - Shelving is a provider of different storing system and would gladly assist you in choosing the right storage solution for your needs. For all your shelving and storage needs, you may visit their website at