Most Costly Conveyor Maintenance Mistakes

Wednesday 6 January 2016, 6:41PM
By Innovative Conveyor Systems


A conveyor system fails to perform its functions soundly when it is ignored and taken for granted. This is an especially troublesome scenario for businesses where conveyors are a critical component of the distribution system. A poorly functioning conveyor system does not carry out tasks efficiently; this can put the whole company in danger of falling behind production requirements.

While the conveyor system itself matters, maintenance matters even more. A good system will fail almost immediately without consistent maintenance service to keep it running as smoothly as it should. Even the smallest things can escalate costs and reduce profits.

Not Regularly Inspecting

Lack of regular inspection is the leading cause of costly conveyor maintenance. It only takes little to avoid a major repair. To illustrate, regular inspections of the floor area underneath for dust-like shavings can help you prevent misaligned belts, which can cause the need for major repair in the future.

Not Adhering to Standards

You might have had a company inspect or maintain your conveyor system regularly, but if the company is not following standards set specifically to maintain a high level of safety when it comes to the equipment, your conveyor is also likely to suffer in the end. Standards are set for a reason.

Not Learning From Repeated Breakdowns

Using the conveyor repeatedly should guide you and enable you to learn how it works – and how it broke down before, if it had. This knowledge should come in handy when providing maintenance care. An ongoing pattern of breakdowns is also solid proof of that a particular part needs fixing.

There are many other small errors in maintenance that could damage the conveyor even worse and cost you more. When caring for this crucial system, it is important to enlist only the most reliable names in the industry, like Innovative Conveyor Systems.

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