Employee Rights - Promoting Workplace Well-being by Protecting Your Rights

Wednesday 6 January 2016, 6:47PM
By IR Thompson Associates Ltd


No one wants to work for a company that does not value its workers. As an employee, you function better in a workplace that promotes positivity. You work better because at the end of the day, you know it is worth it.

A good determining factor of positivity in the office is receiving all your rights you are entitled to as an employee. By law, your employers must ensure that all agreements include your basic rights. For a positive vibe in the office, it is vital to understand what these are; doing so protects you from violations and ignorance, which are detrimental to your productivity.

If you feel that your company is limiting your sick leaves or does not pay you fairly yet pushes you to overwork, staying silent is not an option. Seek legal counsel and protect yourself from overbearing employers.

I.R. Thompson Associates Ltd is one of the leading NZ experts when it comes to advising employees on employment law. They understand the difficulty of facing issues in the workplace, therefore strengthening their commitment to provide assistance to ease the burden. The experienced employment advocate offers commendable solutions on issues such as unfair dismissals, personal grievances and other employment issues you face.

As the premier employment lawyer in Christchurch and NZ, IR Thompson provides services without the large costs bigger law firms charge. You can count on their team to provide immediate resolutions to your employment problems without the need to hire an expensive lawyer.

In terms of fees, I.R. Thompson is willing to discuss all available options with you. The firm presents numerous financing options to support clients in need of legal aid. To maximise their services, they also offer a 90 Day Trial Period in NZ.

You deserve to work in an office that cares for your well-being. Make sure you protect your rights by seeking legal counsel. I.R. Thompson is here to assist with professional advice on dealing with your situation. Get in touch with the firm by calling at +64 3 383 9988 or visiting their website at