Car Part Theft: Finding the Right Replacement for NZ Vehicles

Thursday 7 January 2016, 2:02PM
By Mount Wrecking Company


The New Zealand Police has been compiling a list of stolen vehicles in the country for many years through their official website. Deputy Commissioner Mike Bush reported that this new initiative aims to help citizens by providing a free, up-to-date, simple and spot-on way to find their stolen vehicles.

The Crime Prevention Partnership Forum (CPPF), a group representing many types of businesses that cooperate with the police to prevent crime, officially launched the database during their meeting in Wellington. Bush said that this is a helpful resource for NZ second-hand vehicle buyers, businesses that service different vehicle models and makes, insurance companies, scrap metal dealers and many more.

As the respective owners recover their stolen ride, the possibility of it having broken or missing parts is high. What they plan to do with it might depend on the condition of the vehicle and other personal reasons. Some want to dispose of their cars and still make cash, while others want to keep them and look for car removals that offer replacement parts.

Mount Wrecking Company recommends that if vehicle owners want a great deal on new and second-hand parts, then it’s ideal to find the best possible team in Tauranga or anywhere they are located in New Zealand. They won’t only receive reliable, trustworthy and professional services, but make the most of their budget.

Auto dismantlers in Tauranga find new uses for dead and unwanted vehicles, turning them into useable spare parts that car owners can benefit from.

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Established in 1957, Mount Wrecking Company is one of the leading car wrecking teams in Tauranga. They buy dead and unwanted vehicles to turn them into useable spare parts, helping vehicle owners on a budget find the replacement they need.

They believe that recycling vehicle parts, accessories and other components is not only helpful for the environment; it’s beneficial for their clients. They help get rid of vehicles that might be a health or safety hazard and give their properties more space for the things they need.

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