Switch Your Locks with New, Advanced Ones for Increased Security

Friday 8 January 2016, 1:32PM
By Sail City Locksmiths


Just because you have lived in your home for a long time and have never been a victim of burglary does not mean you are totally safe. Put yourself in the shoes of a burglar—chances are, you will discover weaknesses in your security system.

One of the common weaknesses in the security of any home is the locks. Most door locks are vulnerable to drills and picks, and are not strong enough to withstand a kick.

When to Change the Locks

If your locks are loose, wobbly, or rusty, it is high time to change them. When this happens, your locks may still work fine, but they are easier to destroy or manipulate, increasing the risk of you experiencing a break in.

If you have already experienced a break-in, chances are, your locks are already weak or are no longer working properly—so change them immediately. In addition, it is possible that the burglar already took a spare key from your home, and they can easily access your home in the future. You do not want to be a target for the second time, so change your locks as soon as possible.

Recommended Lock Types

Sail City Locksmiths, one of the leading locksmiths in Auckland, have been advising on home security for decades now. They recommend certain lock types that are extremely durable and are resistant to break-ins.

They recommend double and single cylinder deadbolts for wooden front and back doors. Those who wish to have a more advanced lock may choose Sail City Locksmiths’ Lockwood Digital Combination Lock, which boasts a keyless entry feature. The lock type can be reset to the owner’s personal code easily or ‘recoded’ to change the combination for security purposes.

 Sail City Locksmiths also has the Albany Endeavour Daylatch Sliding Door Lock (features a handle that offers increased resistance to forced entry), as well as the Yale MC970 Mortice Lock (features a deadlocking latch bolt).

The team of professionals in Auckland home security also has a full range of security services for homeowners in Auckland.

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